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Comprehensive eye evaluation

Performed by an Ophthalmologist, is an important part of preventative health care….

Femto Lasik (Refractive Surgery)

(Laser-assisted In situ Keratomileusis) It is a kind of refractive surgery to change the shape…

Femto Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery made easy with incision and emulsification of cataract with the help of…

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Vitreo Retinal Surgery

Refers to any operation to treat eye problems involving the retina, macula, and vitreous…

Squint Correction

The surgery involves moving the muscles that control eye movement, so that the eyes line up…

Pterygium excision with fibrin glue

A pterygium is a growth of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane that covers the white part of…

Orbit and Oculoplasty Services

Oculoplasty is a surgical specialty that treats and repairs conditions of the areas around…


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